Karma Earrings - Basket Finish

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These handcrafted fine silver earrings are stunning! Instantly add style and attitude to any outfit. Each earring has been hand cut, shaped, polished and includes my custom linen finish.  Please note:  every earring is 100% handcrafted so may not appear exactly as shown in this photo.  

About the Basketweave Finish

My love for fabrics and fashion has been an inspiration for this jewelry line.  All of the textures in this Kindred Collection have literally been taken from some of my favourite clothing and fabrics I have found around my home.  I have used those fabrics to create a template which I then use when creating the pendants.  

Please note

All pendants are completely handcrafted in my studio.  Each piece is cut, shaped, sanded and polished entirely by hand.  Because of the handmade nature of the pieces the sizes may vary slightly and each piece will not appear exactly as shown.  

Turnaround Time

Every piece in this collection should be ready for shipping within 3-4 business days.  

Product Details

  • 99.9% handcrafted fine silver pendant
  • Approximate size 35mm x 28mm