Keepsake Collection

Family is everything! Silver Soul will help you capture a moment in time and preserve it on a pendant to wear close to your heart. Hand & footprints, fingerprints, handwriting and even paw prints can all be replicated on a fine silver pendant. Every pendant is completely hand-made in our studio using 99.9% fine silver. Choose to add your pendant to a variety of chains, bracelets and/or embellishments to further customize your piece.


Fingerprint Jewelry

Hand & Footprint Jewelry

Handwriting Jewelry

Pawprint Jewelry

Kindred Collection

This Collection is filled with symbolic jewelry that represents your family, friendships and your connection to the world around you. Each piece holds deep personal meaning to everyone who wears it. Choose from Initials, Zodiacs, Symbolic Coins and much more, each specially designed to help tell your unique story.